A new way of app/theme testing

Currently when a app or theme get tested it gets tested in around 120 devices. If there is a issue that must be fixed in just 1 device the app gets rejected.

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Detail description of the Feature Request:
It would be absolutely great if say an app gets tested in 120 devices. 1 device fails but the app still gets published to those other 119 devices. I do not know how hard this is to implement but this be hugely appreciated by devs and designers.

HUGE time-saver. This would allow for better sales since at least from what I know the theme designers suffer a lot from issues in cases when just 1 small issue gets the theme delayed for days if not weeks or even months.

Hi Durim,
The review team would like to keep the current policy for now.

They understand the request from some sellers, but there are also many others expecting their apps to be released on all devices at the same timing.

Also, most Sellers don’t check their pass report when their submission gets passed that may later become an issue if we release them after excluding rejected devices.

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