A remake of Simple watch face on gw5

I really like the simple watch face on gw5, but its to small. So i created one on WFS with bigger digits and date, but i cant find any youtube tutorial on how to make it react the way the original one does. When you touch the screen from abient mode, the original watch face make the digits connect with eachother, dunno how to explain.

Any one who can help me?

Welcome to this forum. Could you please share any image what issue you are facing?

If possible please describe it a little more.

I want to make it like the digit 7 here in this video. That everytime the time change it change like this and everytime I wake up my watch

I can’t duplicate this on my GW6, Since the factory installed watch faces work on a lower level than the ones created by Watch Face Studio this may be an easter egg you found.

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