About the Galaxy Watch Designer category

If you have an idea about how Galaxy Watch Designer can be improved, please submit it as a feature request. Users can vote and provide comments on how this idea could be implemented. When submitting please:

  • Provide information about the use case you have in mind. Context will give the community a clear vision of your idea.
  • Be specific about your ask and the benefits it will have to the ecosystem.
  • Do you have more than one idea? Please submit separate feature requests for each idea.

Our team will review the feature requests submitted and communicate with product and engineering team. We cannot guarantee that all feature requests will be implemented.

While Samsung willingly will accept feedback on how to improve their developer tools. Samsung does not accept unsolicited ideas for end user products, to avoid any possible disputes in the future. Samsung also encourages the safeguarding of any original ideas and not to post them in a public forum. See more about Samsung’s unsolicited ideas policy at this site. https://www.secbuy.com