Activate Follower mode for Galaxy Store

Allow end users to follow Sellers in Galaxy Store. If a user likes the content of a specific Seller, he/she can follow that Seller to receive push notifications when new content from that Seller has been published or there are updates for content they have purchase/downloaded before.
In the Seller page, a Follow button can be added with the number of followers the Seller has. User can modify the Notifications settings in Galaxy Store client settings

This feature will increase the visibility for developers/Sellers which will generate Seller growth and keep users engage with the store content.

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Of course… It will be a great feature !


Great idea! This can be really handy if you like the watch faces from a specific designer.

The Follower feature is installed for Themes but it has no function for notifications!

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I have always wondered about that.
This Follower thing already exists in the seller office account of the developer,
if this can be connected along with a notification and an add to the developer office account,
along with a email notification to the default email set up by the developer, it will give a tremendous input to the developer for his upcoming projects.

The Follower process needs to be implemented. We can pay for banners, and participate in promotions, which increases our sales when the promotion is active, but there is no long term affect… once the promotion is over, sales drop back to pre-promotion levels. So after paying for the promotion, applying discounts, and after the 30% commission, it’s not worth it the investment because it’s so short term!

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I have to agree . Combined with Try and buy , weather and health data and the Followers feature, sales would atleast hold steady instead of the drastic drop after a Banner Promotion. After every Banner Promotion, I have to go back to beans and cornbread lol

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LOL. I’m just on cornbread… my sales dropped dramatically in January for some reason.

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Yes, yes, yes! This would be a great benefit. I feel that a lot of good faces get missed by customers simply because there’s no good way to be able to get a notification like this.

This request is well understood by the Galaxy Store Team.

I am closing this feature request now and will release the votes for other topics.