Activate "Set as Button" option for animations in GWD

I’d suggest adding “Set as Button” option for animations just like it’s available for images in GWD.
Right now the button is already there, but it’s grayed out.

Drop-down menu could be similar as it is with images, with an additional “Change animation” option:
Interaction: Tap / Double-tap
Action: Open app / Change image / Change animation

If enabled this would allow for changing colors of the animation within a single watch face (no more need for creating several basically identical animated watch faces with just different colors).
This would also allow for hiding an animation without having to cover it up with an additional image, as well as replacing it with a static image of a single frame, for example.

I understand this could bring up an issue of potentially overloading the watch face with tons of frames, but it shouldn’t be a problem if animations are short and/or well optimized. Since uploading multiple animations in a single watch face is already possible, this hopefully shouldn’t present an issue.

This was discussed with the Galaxy Watch Designer Development team and this is a issue that they are working on but not high priority. They don’t have any time frame for it to be enabled.

Samsung Developer Program

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