Active calorie and food calorie intake watch face

Know if there are any calories burned and good intake calorie watch face?

I am currently getting into shape and I have documented my daily food intake. However I can not find a food calory counter and calories burned watch face. My goal is to have more than calories burned daily exceed calorie intake.

Does anyone know if it is available?

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Because everyone’s metabolism is different there is no overall calorie burned counter. There is Active Calories burned (time during workout) Watch5 Health will tell you your sleep calories if you have Sleep detection set.

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I wouldn’t trust the “total calories burned” on the Apple Watch. As much as I love the watch, I think the values are not accurate. There have been many times where my activity app shows that I burned 3500 calories in a day and after eating 2500 calories of fresh nonprocessed homemade food for a week I end up gaining a few lbs.

I suggest taking the calories burned with a grain of salt, and using it to see how active you’ve been relative to your baseline activity level.