Add a parameter to control sharpening in photo app


Although I appreciate the S21 Ultra camera, I find the default picture processing way too aggressive on sharpening. Leading to loss of details and an oil painting effect that I am sure not everybody like.

I find GCAM results to be often more true to life and especially on the zoomed pictures.

I would love Samsung to give us a little setting in the parameters to tune it down.

As an example here is a picture comparing Stock to GCAM processing.

I think adding this parameter would be pretty cheap for Samsung and I am convinced that a lot of their customers would be very happy to get a little control on that sharpening effect that is easy to add afterward editing the image but cannot be reversed.

In the same spirit Samsung already added a parameter to stop the crazy skin smoothing for selfies.

It is also in partially expressed in the 2 other feature requests below:

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Hello, the forum you suggest appears to be limited to France and is in French in my case.
There is nobody there.
I created a post in it but I don’t think it is the right place.
Do you have another suggestion?

Hello Meroupow,

The link should go to the local country it is determined by your computer. If you want English change the /fr to /us and it will take you to the American community. That may be more active.

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