Add a user set variable for tag expressions

Currently there is no way to change several components at the same time or change something in a lower layer with a tap action. If there is a variable that is stored on the Galaxy watch or watch app that could be set by the user that would make these things possible.
An example is using the water intake to set a variable and then accessing that with the water tag to change a background and watch hands at the same time.

How nice it would be to be able to change menus directly in the watch face thanks to this function…


Yes please, this would be really good and lets have there multiple user defined tags possible.
I would quote one suggestion from old forum
This would also make possible changeable content on complications.


If that happens, It will be great.
Theme customization is always welcome

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Excellent! :+1: I also agreee thanks for useful information.

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Thanks for the useful info.

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This was discussed with the Galaxy Watch Designer Development team and they said that while Galaxy Watch Designer is not a app development tool, that more customization options are planned later this year. They did not give details on what that was but sounded like it may make this request moot.

Samsung Developer Program

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Tmore Customization would be fantastic :rocket: