Add APK version in the Buyer Comments

Currently the reviews that we get from customers have the review itself, star rating, country/region, device and “version” and I’m not sure maybe this works for other types of apps but for themes it’s always blank (doesn’t show any version).

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It would be good if we could see the version that the user was using when making the review (specifically the version code and/or version name)

Many times users let us know about a certain bug in the app (themes/wallpapers/icons in this case) but we don’t know what version they are using so they may be using an older version and haven’t updated. If we saw that we could tell them to update. Also this helps on knowing what version of Android they are using as well.

For watchfaces I usually see there version of the .tpk.
Ususally, because sometimes its empty, sometimes there is 0.

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This would be very helpful, and would allow quicker resolution to user problems. There are many bugs that unfortunately exist with themes, and many are OS dependent. If we didn’t need to ask a customer’s Android version when trying to provide resolution steps, then it would allow for faster turn-around and happier customers.


Yes, this, it would be helpful if there was not only version number of the app, but also the OS version of the customer device. There was one bug after introducing tizen 3 to wearables in combination with non-Samsung phones.

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I believe this is no longer an issue.

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