Add Following New Content Releases Notification

Currently the Following List in My Page of Theme Store doesn’t issue any notification when following designers release new contents. It’s up to users to check it manually, which often they might forget to do so.

It’s much more effective to have a notification icon added to My Page icon when new contents are released by following designers. It doesn’t need to be push notification, a simple flashing red on My Page icon would work effectively.

Related Menu or Feature:
Theme Store > My Page > Following List

Detail description of the Feature Request:
Add notification icon to My Page whenever new contents are released from Following list.

Increase revenue and make following tool for effective.

I like this idea, but not a fan of forcing users to go through three menus to remove a notification badge. If this was avoidable then I think it would be a great addition.

This should probably be moved to the Feature Requests -Vote Seller Portal forum. It really has nothing to do with themes but the Store.

I’ll see if we can create a vote for Galaxy store too.

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Hi Ron, I didn’t know where to post this because currently the following list is a unique feature in Theme Store only.

There is also Galaxy Watch Feature request to have following also.
I’ve moved this to the Feature Requests - Vote / Galaxy Store

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This request is well understood by the Galaxy Store Team.

I am closing this feature request now and will release the votes for other topics.

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