Add option for elements(text, image, animation, etc.) to appear or hide depending the weather state

If possible please add so that we can hide or display elements in the designer depending the weather state just like when you hide or display elements depending the battery status.

It would be nice if we could display different backgrounds or animations depending what the current weather is.

Seems far fetched but i hope for something like this.

This is a good suggestion It isn’t currently possible but hopefully it will be in the near future.

Currently the Weather information is provided by a 3rd party Weather API so Galaxy Watch Designer can not access that API. Once Galaxy Watch Designer is able to use the Galaxy Watch installed weather API many restrictions with weather will be gone and hopefully tags will be available for weather complications.

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Maybe as a partial workaround you could meanwhile use text synced with weather and insert the element as bitmap font for certain text strings.

Yeah, i do that already but i wish there were supported animations or even animated gifs and not just images.

When there is rain, an animated rain icon would appear instead of a single image.

This was discussed with the Galaxy Watch Designer Development team and they understand the requirement but currently it is not possible to do this.

I’ll leave this open for further discussion.

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