Add tag expression for Time Zone

Need to add tag expression for time zone variation. ex +3 or -11.

I have added an hour [H]*13 tag for Placement X-axis for world map image. so that it will move right and user can see all the time zones and respective time. But it’s working only for a particular location. for other time zones, need time zone tag expression.

Also, let me know is there any other way to achieve this without time zone tag expression?

What about making 24 differently shifted images (one for each hour) and use them as bitmap font for a digital clock element synced with GMT timezone as a workaround? That should work same everywhere.

It would still be a bit off in timezones that are shifted by 15 or 30 minutes.
Or maybe apply this on the main zone numbers below and day part descriptions above, and make the world image behind with actual zone borders static.

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