Additional wallpaper for Z Fold & Z Flip devices

Home Screen Wallpaper’s one size fits all works well in the brick phones because the ratio only varies slightly between models. But Z Fold and Z Flips devices have very different ratios that they don’t work well in the one size fits all approach.

In addition, there is something “magical” about opening a folding display device. A one -time live wallpaper (video/animated) is a perfect match for Z Fold and Z Flip devices. The live wallpaper would only play once when display wakes up, then wallpaper switches to a static one after end of live wallpaper cycle.

Related Menu or Feature:
Home Screen

Detail description of the Feature Request:

  1. Add additional wallpaper for ultra narrow and ultra wide ratio.

  2. Add a One-time video/animated wallpaper.

Better UX