Allow Customize options for watch faces

I was creating a neon-inspired watch face and wanted to be able to choose which color of neon to display without having to creating a completely new watch face file. I knew some of the native watch faces allowed that sort of customization but could not find that ability within the Watch Designer.

Detail description of the Feature Request:
Add the ability to include Customization options for given areas or features of a watch face. For example, if including a complication on the face, it could be defined by the user to be a date, or steps, or a battery level options. Or select the color of the Index, watch hands, or other defined areas, perhaps even include whether the ticking sound is available for an analog style design. This would be similar to a button, but this option is set when choosing the watch face and “customizing” it like many of the default faces that come with the watch, rather than directly on the face.

It would give users the ability to further customize color or complication options they wish to display on their custom watch face developed in Galaxy Watch Designer without the face designer needing to resort to full programming.

The pre-installed watch faces like Dashboard are built into the firmware and are able to do some things that are not available with GWD or Tizen Studio only those are able to be customized using the Galaxy Wearable App. You could not do this even in Tizen Studio in native language.

There are 3rd party designer tools that have may allow you to use a companion app on your phone that allow a user to customize a watch face but I don’t know how much they allow for a pre-designed watch face.

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Hi Ron
Is this not similar to something like the theme button discussed in the old forum,
that will really be good if implemented

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This was discussed with the Galaxy Watch Designer Development team and more customization options are in development and expect it later this year. Note the soon to be released version of GWD will mainly be a bug fix version

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thanks for sharing. Thats helps me out