App in registering status since months

Hello All,

My app is in registration status since months.

I received no message and cannot understand what is wrong (Alti Pro Altimeter Variometer. Content ID : 000007174630).

Any idea how to get help ?


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You can contact with the Seller Office support team. After login on the Seller Office, submit your query via the Help Menu > Contact Us > Contact us at the Customer Center.

First off I get the same status with my app when I didn’t finish the submission make sure you did that. Check the seller portal to be sure you finished the submission.

Is this a watch App / watch face for China? Did you upload the .apk or the .aab, You have to upload the .apk for China.

Did you specifically state this was for China only and that state you were not using Google Services?

I don’t know if GW6 is available in China since Wear 4 includes Google Play Services as part of the OS.

As @Boshra said ask the store but they may not know about China store.

Let me know if you have any answer I can try to get the Galaxy Store Ops team to ask about it.

Samsung Developer Relation

Thanks for your support.

  • this is an App
  • China is not selected, so not for China.
  • I uploaded the standard APK

Interesting enough, I tried to re-submit, but the system returns 2Android Watch applications can only be sold in China.Do you want to choose China only as the sales country?"

I have no idea why?

Except for China, Galaxy Store no longer accepts new or updated Tizen based Watch apps/faces and has never accepted Wear based watch faces/apps

China does not allow any Google services in China so there is no way to use Play Store to download Wear based Watch type (Galaxy Watch 4 and newer) So China is an exception.

When you upload an App or Watch Face to China there are very strict requirements for language and descriptions. To be frank unless your are Chinese it probably is not worth the time and effort to publish watch Faces and watch apps in China.

Bottom line is that you are listed as registering because you never successfully submitted the application to the store.

Samsung Developer Relations