Application to become a Watch Face designer

Currently to download Galaxy Watch Studio you only need to have a developer account and you can download the program to create the Watch Faces.
My suggestion is that the same requirements that are used to download Galaxy Theme Studio be implemented.


  • The benefits this would bring to smart watch users.
  1. Better quality free and paid Watch Face.
  2. Exclusive Watch Face for the most exclusive clients.
  3. Most pleasant store for the visitors.
  4. Sensation of exclusivity.
  • The benefits this would bring to the Watch Face designers:
  1. Increased sales of payment applications.
  2. Increased download of the best quality Free applications.
  3. Quality applications that will last much longer in Top Pay and Top Free.
  4. Decrease the number of coupons that designers must create to increase downloads.
  5. Greater competition among the most expert designers.
  • The benefits that this would bring to Samsung.
  1. Best quality app for Samsung Smart Watch buyers.
  2. Greater distinction among other Smart Watch producers.
  3. fewer apps to review.

I was affraid this suggestion comes one day. Sorry I have to strongly disagree with the whole first part about “The benefits this would bring to smart watch users.”
@ Better quality free and paid Watch Face.
-No, I could not find free, nor paid watchface, that would not only look good, but also have all features I wanted. I had to make it myself.
@ Exclusive Watch Face for the most exclusive clients.
-What is more exclusive than a watchface, that only I can have, because I made it myself and only I decide if I share it or not?
@ Most pleasant store for the visitors.
-I would not feel any pleasure searching trough the store, not finding what I want and knowing there is no option to suit my self (not even to try it) without passing trough contest for elite developer first (if it gets open eventually). It would be frustrating actually.
@ Sensation of exclusivity.
-This repeats itself already…
P. S. : the quality in store has nothing to do with free download option for GWS. It depends on what is allowed to be published from developers who are already “inside the system”.

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hi @Peter the exclusive is not what you can create your day alone, the exclusivity is what you want to have but you cannot have it, for example it is the Ferrari, if everyone could create a Ferrari at home and share it it would cease to be exclusive :wink:

If the tool is ready to have, everyone can at least try, whether he/she is capable of doing it and maybe also admit its not so easy for everyone, and better understand value of some nice watch face. If you remove the access to the tool, ok, thats the exclusivity not because of abilitiy, skill, taste and so on, but simply because of greed. If you put on watchface a price tag higher than on the watch it self, it also becomes “exclusive”.
I doubt those worthles generic watchfaces, with some landscape image in background without any added feature, that fill the store every other day would gain any exclusivity this way.

It always depends on who is making the application, a graphic studio cannot afford to give away or sell applications cheaply, since it has to pay for the work designed by the Watch Faces, the work tools that almost everyone uses iMac, the licenses of the programs to elaborate the images, the light, the taxes, for many of us it is easier, we see it as a kind of raisin …

I can exagerate even that. Why not make a contest to pick only one best studio to achieve super exclusivity and leave everyone else out? There would be no coupons needed, no complaints about ranking, no need for checking on content or participants, the studio manages it all externally.

Samsung Watch Face sellers changed to a closed ecosystem October 2019. While anyone can download the tool for personal use they can not upload it to the store. I think that addresses all of your points.

I’m closing this discussion but won’t delete it. Message me if you have a reason to reopen it.

Samsung Developer Program

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Thank you very much @r.liechty_SDP , was this the answer that I expected