Assigned Icon Image to App Switcher

When it comes to app shortcuts for watch faces, App Switcher action button is the most useful app shortcut for all users. Frequently used app shortcuts varies between users. App switcher allows users to assign their own, instead of have developers guess what is the most frequently used app shorts for all users.

The problem is App Switcher has no app icon image associated with assigned app. It’s hard for users to remember which app is assigned to the action button, even if there’s only one App Switcher button.

Solution is to assigned app icon image to each app in App Switcher. When a user chooses an app from App Switcher, not only the chosen app shortcut is linked to the image button but its associated app icon image replaces the default button image.

Related Menu or Feature:
Image Component > Properties > Action

Detail description of the Feature Request:
Developers would create and assign app icon for each of available app in App Switcher.


This function will make watch faces even more useful for all users. Watch face can have multiple app switcher buttons without users have to memorize which button is assigned to what app. It will translate to more sales for the store.

It would be even better if App Switch keep its cache so it doesn’t reset back to default app shortcuts and icon image when changing watch faces. I know the cache issue has already been addressed, but still it would be great to find a permanent solution.

On one side I would really welcome if app switcher had the option to change icon according to chosen app, but then I would suggest the icon should be taken automatically directly from the app, same as it is in the watch menu.
I can’t imagine preparing icons for all unknown apps the user may have on the watch.


Agree, but I think it should works the way Galaxy Theme Studio does. Only apps made by Samsung can have custom icon image and all third party app icons sit on a icon tray image. Otherwise, the icons would look out of place.

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i myself dont know how to make icons… :frowning: