Badge Conversion Rates (Data On Real Sales)


Lately we have been working hard to figure out innovative campaigns to reach wider audiences. The tactics include mall-sales and involvement of micro-influencers. It is currently extremely hard to measure the real value generated by those marketing/sales parties. With this feature missing, it is also extremely hard to give out realistic rewards to marketing/sales parties for their sales since their effort cannot be measured. In a scenario where each micro-influencer or salesman has their own badge they share with their audiences, ability to count their sales would help a lot. I find this to be an essential feature for successful campaigns which involve direct sales tactics and influencers

Clicks barely confirm anything at all other than how many potential leads were generated (according to many theories clicks don’t even equal leads), it should be obvious to anyone who has read books about marketing and conversion optimization. It is very hard to conduct business strategy if we cannot access purchase behavior of our customers. Testing marketing & store content tactics is extremely slow with this feature missing and is mostly based on very estimated or inaccurate data.

Related Menu or Feature:

  1. Number of sales per badge (next to number of clicks for eg.)
  2. Statistics and graphs (time-frame) about badge clicks & sales. This way we do not need a new badge for each campaign and badges could be reused. Right now we only have access to a global number.
  3. Ability to measure where the clicks came from would be also much appreciated (eg. from facebook, twitter, other)
  4. What about custom badge parameter capturing so we do not have to generate too much badges? eg. While this might seem too long link to share, according to our tests it barely if at all affects the number of clicks since already creates enough trust. The feature would be counting the amount of invitor or X parameter values captured with clicks. Measuring the amount of sales per captured parameter click would add even more convenience, because then each influencer or sales-man could obtain their own parameters & values. It would also help in conducting invitation campaigns among existing users (since we cannot create badges for each individual customer), this would be of great aid in sparking Word of Mouth. If each user had their own parameter or parameter value, they could be rewarded for inviting new users. Their effort could then be measured.


Ability to conduct modern marketing campaigns and measure for better strategical decisions. Access to Galaxy Store badges is a god gifted opportunity, I very much thank for that, but without real sales data there is barely any data that proves anything.

I find this feature being very urgent since it is essentials

If this feature already exists, I pardon and beg guidance.

Thank you for your long and complete description, i could have not said it better.
I was thinking kind of the same thing, about a month ago.

I would really like to see the sales from a certain badge link, not just clicks (that are more or less irrelevant) Especially when conducting e-marketing with different sources, whom i would like to compensate based on the sales i get, individually.

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Bump bump bump. We all need it!!!