Better way to swap media?

Hey everyone, am i missing something or is there no better way to update images than one by one by using swap media?
Say if i make some changes to a source image then i want to update it in watch face studio, i have to right click, swap media, and find the correct file again. And if i have multiple styles i have to delete them and add them all again to update any changes. This gets very tedious if i have multiple images each with multiple styles.

Compare to after effects where i can just right click and reload footage and thats it done; or even android studio i just have to replace images in the drawable folder.

I found if i open a wfs project as a zip archive i can see it has a drawable folder, but all the images’ filenames are appended with a bunch of numbers, and so replacing them would not be a trivial matter if i have a lot.

maybe would be less tedious to prepare and finalize the whole resources in your graphic tool before adding them to the WFS, it has limited options, as it is more of an assembling tool than a graphic tool.

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Yeah sadly this looks like the case