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Customization such as color themes are important to customers. Current method of changing color themes is done through Button Properties Change Image via double tap.

While this method works good, but it becomes a bit cumbersome when there are more than 6 images to cycle through. Users would have to tap 12 times to get to the 6th color theme. Furthermore if they over-tapped it and passed the color theme they want, then they would have to go through entire cycle via double tap again because this method doesn’t allow going backward.

It would be great if we can utilize bezel function for selecting color themes.

Related Menu or Feature:
Add bezel function to Button Properties > Interaction

Detail description of the Feature Request
Step 1. Double tap on a button to activate bezel selection function.
Step 2. Use bezel to cycle through the images and make a selection.
Step 3. Double tap on the button again to confirm selection by exiting bezel selection function.

I like the suggestion. And before somebody comes again with the excuse, that there are watches that do not have bezel, I would like to add to it - keep it as double tap for those who do not have bezel and continue to bezel function for those who have it. In GWD show checkbox somewhere near the “clear” button when double tap for change image is selected. When ticked then in watch it would function like this:
Double tap recognized
has the watch bezel enabled? - no -change the image to next alternative as earlier
yes - change to next image so the user knows he hit right spot and for like 1 or 2 following seconds recognize bezel turn for changing to following or previous alternative image (and restart the waiting after each turn). Tap or press on any other buttons cancels this.
I know its easier to fantasize than actually program this, but its just a suggestion, maybe it could go even some easier, more intuitive way.

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This suggestion along with the weather and health info on the same watch face , should really be on top of the list.

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This was discussed with the Galaxy Watch Designer Development team and basically bezel interaction with watch faces is not correct design interface.

They said that while Galaxy Watch Designer is not a app development tool, that more customization options are planned but did not give details on what that entailed.

I will close this request and release votes.

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