Blocking Screen mirroring of DRM protected content over smart view functionality of Android

We stream DRM content on our android apps using Brightcove’s native SDK and do not have any explicit screen casting/mirroring features.
However we see that the DRM content could be mirrored onto TV’s using Android’s smart view feature. On certain devices, we observe that the DRM protected content is blacked out when mirroring, as expected but not on all.
Could you please let us know if we can block the smart view feature when using our apps. This is required as part of securing copyrighted content.

We could reproduce the issue on the below devices
Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 - Android v. 11
Samsung Galaxy S7 - Android v. 7.0
Samsung Note 8 - Android v. 9
Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 - Android v. 10
Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5g - Android v. 12

Here are the steps to screen share from Android device to a TV:

  1. Swipe down on your screen to access your Quick Settings Panel and locate Smart View. (see fig1)
  2. Tap on Smart View , locate the device (TV) you will connect to, and tap on it.
  3. The device will start connecting, once completed you will see the smart view icon on the Android’s device main screen.
  4. Start sharing. Open the app on the Android device. You will be able to see everything you do on the app including DRM protected content on your TV as well.
    Let us know if you need any additional information.

I moved this to the Mobile forum but I think Smart View just mirrors your mobile screen so I believe that is how it is supposed to work. Do you have the same issue with AirPlay on an iPhone?

Samsung Developer Relations

No, we tried it on iOS version 15.2.1 and couldn’t see the issue.

Thanks & Regards

Hi Alvin,

I see a reply on Google Nest about this that says versions prior to Android 11 did allow DRM mirroring but after Android 11 they don’t. But some apps do allow it.
When I read it, it seems to be saying it is the developers fault but not sure what developer, DRM originator or app developer.

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