Brand new S7?

Hello guys! My beautiful Galaxy s7 SM-g930 has died. I only have up to about $300-$400 to spend. My only problem is, I cannot find ANYWHERE that sells a brand new (without carrier software installed), sealed box, unlocked for GSM bands, Galaxy S7.

What are my options? The S8 looks like barely an improvement over the S7 (it’s also 500 USD for an unlocked option whereas the S9 is only 470 USD unlocked WTF IS GOING ON THERE?!?!) and I am unwilling to buy a used phone.

I know it’s a very bad time to buy Galaxies at all now due to the S20 about to release and all of the previous flagships prices will drop, but I really need a phone right away. If anyone can point me towards a brand new, GSM S7 I’d be very appreciative.

Hi, I think google would help you find some e-shop in your region. For example in my country it still can be obtained trough small traders for about 310€, but trough Samsung not anymore. The phone version also varies around globe. I think the G930F was unlocked for Europe, G930U for US.

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