Bug when add another hand style...rotation is wrong

Add a Analog hand to my wf with the correct rotation…simple and easy.
But if add another hand style with a different colored picture (but same size as the picture default, simple have a different color) the rotation of the this hand is completly wrong. on studio the rotation is ok, on the simulator is ok but when load the wf to my watch4 rotation is bugged.
i have tested many times, but not solved the problem.
If I simply remove the style from the hand it will turn correctly again

I have the same issue, but no solution. I tried several hands and also created a seperate test WF. The hands are in the wrong position. Only deleting the styles solve this.

hope the next update fixes this annoying bug

Please submit a bug report on this issue. Include a simple .wfs file that duplicates the behavior.


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Ticket opened id #35949

Another solution that worked for me is to have the hands pre centered for example an image 450X450 with the watch hand centered with transparent background. Then the hands will stay centered when tested on the actual watch.

To reduce wasted pixel space, I would go with the max bounding box instead of 450x450. For example, if one hand fits on a 50x450 and another style of the same hand fits on a 25x450, I would set the 25x450 to 50x450 with the extra transparent pixels.

but not solve the problem. With rwo identical picture only different on the color, with the same identical position, the bug appear. The only solution is to set the hands to 450x450 with a waste of space and increasing the pictures size.

I was told this has been confirmed and would be fixed in an upcoming WFS update.

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This was fixed in the WFS 1.0.12 version.

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