Cannot save watch file

It frustrates me, I can’t imagine how maddening it is for you. Support tried under and admin user name with no problems.

All I can think of is that there is a read only security on your USER\admin\GearWatchDesigner folder. but I doubt that is it can you write text file and save in the workspace?

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The USER\admin\GearWatchDesigner folder is set to READ ONLY and when i try to remove this attribute, it always reverts back to READ ONLY.
However I can write and save text file to this folder.

As far as I can tell by looking at my two computer every folder in the users\username folder are read only. But when you check Security you should have read write permission in that setting. If you aren’t that might be the issue.

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Yes I have r/w permission in Security tab.
Thanks. Still cannot upgrade to v2.0. Darn.

Make sure you don’t have any special characters in the file name; try something simple like A.GWD to see if it works.

none of my file names have special characters.
but thanks anyways.

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