Can't align different layouts of Complications

Since I started using WFS I can’t get my head around the layouts of Complications. I am unable to set an alignment that works for every layout.
Short text is the most common one. It can display 3 different values: icon, text and title. There are 4 different layouts: Icon+Text+Title, Icon+Text, Text+Title, Text only
I want them to be always in the center, regardless of the layout, but the moment if I move one, it affects the other layouts. I added a few screenshots below for reference - all I did was to align one to the center.

What am I doing wrong? Is this a bug?

Icon+Text+Title layout and its properties

Icon+Text layout and its properties

Text+Title layout and its properties

Use a larger transparent image as background layer on each complication Layout. This holds the x and y values stable. Like a box.

This. You can also hide it completely in both active / AOD.

Thanks! Bit of a pain in the bum, but it does the job. I just used the built in rectangle and hid it in active and AOD.