Change the way how new element layers are added

In complex designs adding new component deeper to desired order in list means scrolling multiple shifting of the layer using the arrows on the bottom of the list.
Even more cumbersome it is trying to make a duplicate of some layer right above or below it. First it has to be selected for copy, then after pasting it , the duplicate lands on the top of list and list also changes focus to the top far away from the source layer.

Related Menu or Feature:
Adding new component
Context menu on selected layer

Detail description of the Feature Request:
a) Make the new component (be it pasted from clipboard or new from the menu on the left side) appear right above currently selected layer.
If no layer was selected, the new one adds to the top of list.
b) If the above was not possible, please at least do add duplicate option to the context menu on layers like this:

Adding new layers on desired level into long list of components would be much easier.