Chime / Vibration Component

The built-in hourly chime is a cool feature. It would be great to have chime/vibration functionality added to GWS.

Chime/Vibration component would be like other components such as animation and image, which can be triggered via tag expressions and timeline.

In addition to using built-in chimes, using custom sound files as chime would be great and custom vibration pattern would be a plus.

Usage example, say I was to build a watch face for USA Independence Day. A custom melody/vibration pattern or both can be set to play on July 4th, 7:04 AM/PM, along with a fireworks animation.

Related Menu or Feature:
New component for chime/vibration

Detail description of the Feature Request:
Add a new component for custom chimes and vibration patterns.

This would open up an other level of creativity for watch faces.