Color management

I have been using GWS 2.0 for a few weeks now and I still don’t understand how to manage the color.
I design the backgrounds with Inkscape, which consists of several color scales: RGB, HSL, CMYK, etc.
In this program, the allowed values ​​for the RGB scale range from 0 to 255, exactly the same as for the HSL scale.
In GWS, the colors are managed on the HSL scale and the allowed values ​​are from -180 to 180 (H) and from -100 to 100 (S and L)
To try to match the colors adopted in Inkscape with those necessary for GWS I have gone to a page called that admits RGB values ​​from 0 to 255 but HSL values ​​very different from those allowed in GWS. For example, the RGB value 241,59,80 becomes the HSL value 353,86.7,58.8 with values ​​well above those allowed by GWS.
For its part, Microsoft Paint transforms that same RGB 241,59,80 color into HSL 235,208,141. The negative values ​​that GWS handles are not obtained either.
Is there any table / web page / formula / etc. where I can EXACTLY match the values ​​used in Inkscape or Paint with those used by GWS?
Thanks a lot.

You have to differentiate two things.

A) colour definition. this applies only to text and clock elements and is defined in hexadecimal format of 3 RGB values like used for html. These can be easily converted. Just google any online coverter for html colour codes

B) colour adjustment. This applies to all other elements inserted in form of image. Note that such image can have any given colours on it, not just a plain square filled with one easily defined colour.
so there is tool to just adjust these colours and shift them around rainbow circle to right or left to the opposite colour at + or -180 degrees. Try to insert this image in GWD/GWS and move the hue slider and see how will the rainbow circle seemingly rotate.
Also saturation is adjusted from 100% given in the inserted image to -100% which equals desaturated image or +100% of max possible saturation.
The lightness is in same manner from the one of given image to -100% equal black or to +100% which equals white.
You could maybe also note, that if you insert pure black image, no adjustment can make it into any colour other than grey.
PS: if you want two complex elements in the watch face to be of exactly matching colour, then prepare them so outside GWS and insert them without colour adjustments.

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Thank you for your reply. However, it is something that I already knew and it does not solve the problem of negative values.
I have searched the internet for a page that provides a solution to this problem but in NONE I have been able to find negative values for the HSL format.
I already know that the negative values are those that go from 181 to 359 degrees but the RGB values do not go from 0 to 359 but from 0 to 255.
So I still have the same doubt and the same unsolved problem. I will try to find a formula that manages to go from RGB values (always positive) to positive and negative HSL values.
Thanks a lot.

Sorry, I can not help more. Whenever you insert an image into GWS what ever colours it has, it has no HSL values until you start to adjust it. So the HSL values in GWS describe only the change relative to the source image, not any actual colour.

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OK. Thank you for your help.