Continuous Heart Beat Display

Continuous Heart Beat Display

The current state of WFS allows for a tag to display the “current” heart rate. Current in this case meaning the last measured heart rate. Developers must create an invisible button to measure the heart rate currently. The following features are requested a solution to problem above:

  • Change [HR] and [HR_Z] tags to draw the true current heart beat from the watches health application (fit, health, etc…)
  • Add complication to show current heart beat, optionally with a progress bar depicting % of max heart beat
  • Add [MAX_HR_%] tag to show max heart rate percentage

Thank you for your time and vote,
Michael Vander Ploeg
MVP IT Solutions

Hi Michael,

Again this is a high request and I urge others to vote on it.

As with Step Goal it has to do with Wear OS Health Services and Samsung Health needing to work better with each other.

Samsung Developer Relations

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