Convert 2019 Project to 2020 Using GTS?

Call me simple, however I cannot for the life of me figure out how to save a 2019 “P” theme as a 2020 “Q” theme using the online tool… Please help :slight_smile:

Wow, no one can help, maybe it just has to be done using the desktop tool and then open with server tool… I know that works but I figured there has to be a way in GTS.

A i see it’s not possible with the Web Tool :smiley:

Did you submit a Ticket ?

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Thanks for responding :slight_smile:

I didn’t submit a ticket because they won’t comprehend such a simple question… they will kick it back to me asking for Content Id, STP and APK, as well as a log file. Then they’ll want my first born… LOL

For every ticket I’ve ever submitted I get the same response…