Create Multiple Badges For An App Simultaneously

Badge is a powerful tool that lets us track performance of an ad campaign. Currently badge can only be created one at a time, which can be a time consuming process for creating multiple badges. Being able to create multiple badges for an app simultaneously would be a time saver.

Related Menu or Feature:
Seller Portal > Promotions > Badges > Generate Badge

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Save time on admin tasks, thus creates more time for content creations.

The seller portal is reviewing to enhance our deeplink & badge creation process this year to better support Seller’s marketing.

  • Displaying auto-generated Deeplink/marketing URLs, and nudging Badge creation after app submission. (TBD)
  • Streamline Badge creation process and displaying use case scenarios for URLs.
  • Allowing Badge creation at ‘Temp/Registered’ status before ‘For Sale’ status.
    They have heard your suggestion but creating multiple badges simultaneously is not on the roadmap.

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