Create video MP4 from emulator screenshot

In addition to screenshot in emulator, capturing video would useful for demo and video social postings; specially for sweep motion effect of second hand.

Related Menu or Feature:
Screenshot in Run’s emulator

Detail description of the Feature Request:
Add a function to capture video from Run’s emulator. Suggested speed, normal and variable speeds (x2, x3, x4…etc.) Resolution 512x512 and 720x720

If video capture is not doable, then make emulator as a pop-up window with high resolution such as 720x720 or 512x512 (current size is 360x360). We can use external video capturing software to record it.

Video capturing from emulator would creates better result than video recording the actual watch’s screen.

Nice, but the newer models of Samsung SmartWatches uses Tizen (4.0, 5.5). Maybe you want to make a version of Kinemaster for Tizen? That would be nice and then I’ll buy it.