Custom watch notification style for more apps


It would be very nice to be able to add a custom watch notification style for all/some custom installed apps for my Galaxy Watch 4.
Currently this is only possible for some default apps (WhatsApp, Messages, …).

In my case I want to enable a custom notification vibration for my Smart Home app, so I know I immediately have to take action (e.g. someone’s at the door, alarm notification, …).

Thanks in advance.
Kind regards.

Thank you for participating in the Samsung Developer Forum. However, this is not the correct forum for 3rd party app suggestions. This is something the app developer has to develop.

Because end user questions disrupt developer discussion this thread will be removed at some point but I’ll leave it open for a short time in case others have suggestions.

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Dear Ron,

Thank you for your reply. But actually it is a valid request, to be implemented by the developers of the Galaxy Watch 4 Plugin of the Wearable App.

After digging into this (I initially though as well it is a 3rd party app feature) I found this hard-coded in the Watch 4 plugin (decompiled .apk), which apps “support” this Custom Watch notification style:

    public static final class ImportantMessaging {
        public static final ImportantMessaging INSTANCE = new ImportantMessaging();
        private static final String[] apps = {"", "", "com.whatsapp", "", "com.facebook.orca", "", "org.telegram.messenger", "", "", ""};

        private ImportantMessaging() {

        public final boolean isImportantMessagingPackage(String str) {
            Intrinsics.checkNotNullParameter(str, "packageName");
            return ArraysKt.contains(apps, str);

As you can see, the app “identifiers” are fixed here. So therefore my request to be able to elaborate this list for custom selected 3rd party apps.

If I would be wrong anyway, I am happy to hear how this 3rd party implementation should look like, so I could file a feature request over there…

Kind regards.

Is this what you are looking for?

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Did you actually read the first part of my post?
In the documentation part that you linked to (which I read before already) I cannot find anything related to custom notifications. E.g. this is a feature of the Galaxy Watch 4 Plugin developed by Samsung developers.

I even presented you the exact code used to discriminate between apps “supporting” this custom notifications.
Please be so kind to forward my request to the development team.

Thanks in advance.
Kind regards.

HI Bartel,

I don’t think you understand, this forum is for third party developers using Samsung Development tools. The Galaxy Wearable App, WhatsApp, Samsung Health, etc.

I think you have an LTE phone and what you are referring too is the Avoiding Duplicate Notifications but I could be wrong. There are no such options for my BT Smart Watch or in the Wearable App setting on my phone.

In any case this is not the correct forum for the topic and I have no means to make a suggestion unless it is a Samsung created app and then I’d report it using the Samsung Members app same as you.

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