Customizable hourly chime

I would love to have the ability to add a customizable hourly chime to integrate an audio experience into my watch faces. It could even have the ability to set the frequency outside of hourly if desired.

I believe we have a feature request to add sounds in GWD designs. I’ll add your request again.
Currently you can only do this with Tizen Studio.

Samsung Developer Program

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Cool, I’d like like to see take a step further. Chime / Vibration Component

This is also what I am looking for. My Galaxy Watch is set up more like a sport watch and the sport watch BEEPs would be FANTASTIC!!!

Thank you for your reply on this to the original poster - I am also interested in having options for chime sound options…the “Beeps” are something I thought for sure would be a staple for a watch that can look digital/sporty…Thank you for looking into this.