Dark Mode should be themed too for Dark Themes

If you are apply a Theme and enable the Dark Mode, the half of Theme is cut off. Homescreen, Lockscreen and Icons are themed, but the rest is default.

If you create a Dark Theme it should be really good, if the Dark Mode is with a Dark Theme themed too, so you can use for example Gmail or Whatsapp in Dark Mode with Theme too.

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Dark Mode theme too with Dark Theme and not Default Theme

Detail description of the Feature Request:
Enable Option in Theme Tool to support themed Dark Mode with Dark Theme too. And it’s possible :wink:

Beter User Experience, the user will not more worried.

If I understand correctly, you are proposing that there be a separate section for everything in the Theme Studio which allows developers to add separate assets and such that will be set when Dark Mode is enabled?

To be honest, this seems like a ton of work both for Samsung to maintain and for us as developers. We would essentially have double the workload, having two themes in one.

I would rather they just do not remove any themed elements with Dark Mode enabled, but still allow third party / non customizable apps (Samsung Internet, Hangouts, Etc.) to receive the Dark Mode benefits.

We receive many customer complaints due to how Dark Mode implementation was done, so hopefully some sort of solution can be found.

@Jon not a extra Section in the Tool. I mean the Tool must create the Theme Package from Tool for both (Light Mode and Dark Mode). It is a really easy think to import these. Now it takes the Dark Mode resource files from dark_theme folder to generate default dark mode, but find it’s better the dark mode use same theme files as light mode too

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Thank you for clarifying - that’s much better and I definitely agree.

As I mentioned, we have had many customers get frustrated and leave bad reviews due to Dark Mode removing so many themed elements. When I tell them to remove Dark Mode to get the themed elements back, they get frustrated because they want Dark Mode for their third party apps. It’s a lose lose at the moment.


same for me. Much Users are wondering and frusrated why the Dark Mode remove the most things

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A older build of the GTS (v9.0.23 I think) actually had a decent dark mode with the theme’s color accent. After v9.0.25 every theme has the default blue dark mode. I don’t understand if this is simply a bug or a “feature” ?

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it’s the policy from samsung

I 100% agree with this. It’s absolutely crazy that this has not been addressed. The fact that this isn’t fixed is actually hurting our sales and acts as a deterrent for users to buy a theme. Why would they want to use a theme if they can’t use it properly with dark theme. This needs some serious attention.

Actually what really should happen is the tool give us the ability to include a light and dark version of a theme all in one. That way when users switch to light or dark mode depending on either their mood, routine or time of day it all comes together. For example common light: we could include options for elements when using light mode. Common dark: we could include options for elements when using dark mode.

This is definitely possible because there are specific folders within the system apk for this. In android 10 there would be the following: for light mode ; drawable-xxxhdpi and for dark mode, drawable-night-xxxhdpi. This same principle could be applied to the theme editor and thus allow us to create some incredible themes. We could have different color or style icons or wallpapers for each mode and attract more buyers.


Requiring separate assets for Light / Dark is not the way to go. It only would result in even more ways for themes to fail.

It’s a simple solution - if a theme is applied, then no elements from the theme should be removed while Dark Mode is enabled. The only thing Dark Mode should do is darken third-party apps.

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I would definitely settle for that. I’m just really amazed that this isn’t already a thing yet and no news telling us it’s being worked on. Surely they must realize how ridiculous this is right!?

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Seperate Assets for Dark Mode is not good. But the Tool can it handle that a theme would work in Dark Mode too. That’s really simple, a few lines, 3 or 4 path to the work space, not dark_theme folder, and a few extra attributes for keyboard and messages app are needed, but I can realize in 1 day. It would be much better when the User can decide if it wants use a Theme in Light or Dark Mode.

Best example is the Note 10 Star Wars Edition. It stays the Dark Side and in the Dark Mode it lose most of themes elements. That is so ugly

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Here is a sample review we receive on a daily basis from customers who do not understand the current Dark Mode implementation. Of course they blame us developers, even though we have no choice in the matter…

Agree. I got similar reviews or like Dark Mode must fixed. Apps won’t applied the theme in Dark mode