De-prioritize Free Theme Ranking in "Top" Tab

During 2016 - 2018, there were not very many “Free” themes populating the top of Most Popular. In fact, there were often very few Free themes in the top 50 of the Galaxy Themes app. This allowed for more paid theme exposure for developers, and higher chance of revenue. It is no surprise that 2016 - 2018 were the highest revenue years for developers thus far.

During the end of 2018 / 2019, this started to change and slowly get worse. As of today, 14 out of 30 of the “Top” themes on Android Pie are Free themes. This is important to mention, as “Top” is one of the biggest sources of exposure for high-performing themes, and also provides the highest potential continued revenue for these themes. Burying Paid themes beneath Free themes lowers exposure of paid themes, and limits revenue potential.

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Galaxy Themes app, “Top” tab

Detail description of the Feature Request:
We would like to request that both “Free” themes, as well as paid themes that are discounted by 100% (aka, “Free”), be de-prioritized from the Top ranking. This way the focus can be on paid themes, where sellers can generate revenue and continue to produce quality apps.

Alternatively, make the “Paid” drop-down option on the “Top” tab the default so that users view Paid themes only by default. Users can then opt to view all, or free only, by changing their selection in the drop-down.

The new implementation would provide more traffic to developers for their paid content, and as such it would increase revenue. At this time developers receive no revenue for free themes; only Samsung receives Ad revenue which is not shared with developers in any way.

I respectfully disagree… top paid themes are always the commercial sellers, just look at the top themes of 2019, Cogul won that battle easily (and good for them, they put in a lot of work).

As an individual seller, the only chance of me making the top list is with a good free theme, which would then hopefully draw customers to check out my other themes. So my vote would be to keep the free themes in the top list :slight_smile:

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Interesting, so the idea is that by having a Free theme there you are gaining exposure for the rest of your portfolio.

I can understand that, and we have had that same thought, but to be honest the real question is how much is it helping? It would be nice to have a way to quantify that value. Unfortunately I am not aware of one.

In my opinion, when you have a customer download a free theme it is just taking away from a potential sale. There is always the chance for the customer to browse your portfolio after downloading a free theme of course, but if they hadn’t downloaded that free theme to begin with then they may have found one of your paid themes instead. This is especially true when you look at seasonal or holiday themes.

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Thanks for the response Jon. I agree that we really need more useful stats to truly know what’s best. I’d love to know how many people click to view one of my themes, how many download the trial, and how many then purchase. Then I would know what draws people to my content, and could focus on what people like about my themes.

Of course, free themes aren’t really that good (agreeing with you) because the follower push notifications haven’t been implemented. So someone may like my free theme, and follow my page, but that’s useless if they aren’t notified of new paid content.

I have only 250K downloads in the last month but no clue the number of sales, just $'s. Not helpful at all. 50% of my downloads were free wallpaper, 20% free icons and only 6% free themes.

Free content is a double edged sword. It helps the growth of Theme Store and new developers. Free content is also a necessary mean to gain brand exposure for new developers. Without it, they would have very little chance to have their portfolio seen.

That said, I’d like to pitch in a suggestion. Limit the number of free contents a developer can offer at any given time, maybe with exception of new developers who can offer more free contents than established developers.

Microsoft Store actually discourages developers to offer free contents and set a minimum price of $0.99. I think is a worthy business model to look at. If we all lower the prices to compete, than it’s a race to the bottom.


I fully support this proposal. I like any version of the proposed changes! I think it can really increase the total sales in the store.

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