Default system dialog does not show options in circular screen

This is an issua about Galaxy Watch 4 but since I could not find a category matching this device, I am posting here. I hope someone can answer or at least show me the correct path to follow.

I am writing an app to communicate with OSC cameras through wifi.
So the app on the Galaxy Watch 4 is scanning available networks, then it makes a network request using WifiNetworkSpecifier.
At this point , the system asks user if they want to accept this request with a default dialog.

The dialog says “app wants to use a temporary Wi-Fi network to connect to your device” and has OK and Cancel options. But the OK option is not being shown because the dialog does not fit the circular screen.
Please see attached photo.

How can we alter it or solve the issue ?

I moved this to the Watch Face Studio but as you know that is the wrong forum. You really need to ask this on the Android Community.

Maybe someone can help here.

Samsung Developer Relations

I have already asked it on the Wear OS Google development forum here:

But this is more a Samsung Watch 4 issue.
I am not sure if the other Wear OS watches have the same issue.
They seem to have better tailored dialogs. It seems like Samsung has not worked on this part much.

Are you using the latest API or an earlier version?


compileSdk 31
targetSdk 31

not the latest but the one forced by Google.


Open a support request and even though it is Wear OS Powered by Samsung issue they may be able to redirect that to that team.

Samsung Developer Relations

I already did that.
No response in 3 days though.

I see it has been assigned you should get a response soon., The One UI watch and Wear OS Powered by Samsung things may take longer to get any answer.

Samsung Developer Relations