Delete non-productive comments :)

The “BIG FEATURE” would be to be able to delete absurd comments on the store.
I already know this won’t be possible …
But Top Sellers, who manage thousands of users, may have this feature.

Note: please remember to vote this post if you agree with the proposal.


Yeah, that’s not gonna happen … My experience is that one or two random negative comments don’t affect downloads. I ignore them, like one I got on some green icons that said they weren’t black… well of course, they are green not black! LOL I ignore them. And on a clock face I have with weather, I get quite a few negative reviews about the location not being the same, the weather not being current, etc yet people keep buying it!


I have to agree , just got one today, 1 star
“don’t buy, fonts are too small "
that is the only one, rest are good.
No request to make Fonts bigger in the next update.
straight away"don’t buy”
I have to agree with this proposal


Please vote it ! :slight_smile:

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Please vote it ! :slight_smile:

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I thought I already did Matteo


My favorites are when customers leave 1 star rating over something that isn’t under developer control or simply isn’t possible. Usual examples:

  • watchface doesn’t have a ticking sound
  • there are no seconds in AOD
  • I can’t customize complications, I don’t want XXX, I want YYY instead
  • there’s no weather info (health watchface)
  • I can’t change the look of watchhands


I would add: it does not save the colors; does not save the settings.

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Saving the settings, including the selected image in multi-image face, is the biggest complaint I get

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This would be a good addition.
If not a “delete” button, then at least a “report” button, so that a Samsung employee can review it and decide if it’s really unrelated or non-productive - this could eliminate potential misuse of this feature.
Comments like these aren’t very common, but they do appear once in a while, it would be good to have an option to remove them.

I’ve had a few 1-star ratings recently with comments like:

  • colors aren’t the same like in the icon” on a watch face with tons of customizable colors…
  • can’t customize, developer is a liar” when they expect “Customize” menu like some stock watch faces have, without glancing through screenshots or the description to see double-tap options, obviously :sweat_smile:

The problem is that they often don’t react or change their rating even after explaining everything to them in the reply, so it lowers the overall rating for no actual existing reason.


I had one such definitely non-productive comment with one star rating:
“what about quality?”
well, I could have done something wrong, and try to improve and update, but nobody could identify from this, what the actual problem was.

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I absolutly understand this, and I hope this would come :heart_eyes:
I have really often under my apps (for example GearKeyboard/GearKeyboard: Lite) comments that people say it wouldn´t work but after they send me an email I could help them to et it up. (lol it´s simple over the system settings…)
But sometimes they don´t write me an email (after my comment respons) and then I get emails like if the keyboard works on the gear s3 because sombody wrote just “don´t work on my Gear S3” but the person just didn´t know how to set it up… (Even if I wrote how in the app description, have an Video Tutorial under the App Screenshots and even wrote in inside the screenshots…)

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I just contacted the Seller Store because a customer on a free theme used the word “fu##ing” which I would think would be inappropriate given that children download themes too… Store’s response was the following… LOL

“Thus, we would firstly suggest you contact the buyer to check about the issue details. We recommend you handle the buyer comments by checking with buyers at your side”

Amusing that I can’t use that word when reporting the comment, but there’s no filter for customers :slight_smile:


I remember a year ago a “user” wished me to die by car on the highway. … After 3 support requests, I was able to have the review canceled. :expressionless:


I just want to say an other reason for this function would be to be sure that users can not Blackmail us developers that they will make an bad review if we don’t give them money. (Also some said this if I am unable to help them - lol I mean it is an simple keyboard it is not so hard to set it up…also I have an Set-Up Video Tutorial in my screenshots)
I have for example an User B*** (I don’t know if it is allowed to say his name) how said if I don’t help him or give him money he will make an 1 stars review and say my app doesn’t work. I mean this would’t be really an problem because it have enough other good reviews - but anyway I think I am not the only one developer who have such an problem.

And always think about this all of the services we developers do are voluntary. An User just buy the app. If we would need to give them 24/7 Service all prices of our apps would need to be much higher.


The Review system needs to be revamped, it is totally out of whack


It is kinda ridiculous, cause I had the following link left as a comment… EDIT - I had to remove HTML from the end of the link because it actually posts a screen shot of the video to this forum!!! sheesh

And when I asked that it be removed, they wanted a screen shot of the comment even though I provided the date, time, content Id, and description, and country, and a screen shot would provide no additional information over what I gave them.

And that “we are sorry to inform you that we can only help you remove the abusive comment”??? I’m guessing it’s OK because it’s not really “abusive, profane or insulting”.

They also wanted a screen shot of the web site!!! Now, I’m NOT going to go visit any web site where there might be “strap-on-anal-rough-sex-and-partner-compeers-step-sister-xxx” and screen shot it, whether valid or not LOL. Guess that comment will remain for anyone that wants to read the reviews for that free wallpaper :slight_smile:

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True, I agree. A little cleaning should be done.

I completely agree, I get constant bad reviews from customers who never write to the assistance email in case of problems or help, the last review I wrote was 1 :star: because I added new and unused backgrounds I added the dark orange color …
in the description I wrote that you wanted a specific color to write to the email asking for the color

Just a thought …

If someone wants to leave the review, their name and surname and email address must be clearly indicated.

This could help to recognize and write directly to the user.
I know there are privacy issues …
But users may agree to leave comments if they confirm the use of public data.

Otherwise he / she cannot leave the comment …
I would like to point out that at the moment (compared to two years ago) we only receive “anonymous” comments …

It might work ?