Digital clock shown instead of my watchface

I’ve recently updated from Galaxy Watch (tizen 4) to Galaxy Watch 3 (tizen 5.5) and noticed different behavior of my old custom watch face. When I leave anything opened (an app, menu, settings, notification), the watch shows me big digital clock instead of my WF after “display timeout” secs. 20 seconds later (which is equal to setting “show last app”) the WF is appeared. But if I use any stock WF, in this period of time I see minimalistic version of chosen WF with blured background. How can I get the same behavior, when I’m using my WF? I don’t see similar mode in Galaxy Studio.

You have the watch face “always on display” mode (AOD) turned on. And your previous custom watch face was not made with an AOD watch face. So when you time out it shows a standard default AOD.

If you designed the watch face just create an AOD mode for it. We can help with that to get OPR and such.

If this is one you bought check for an update or contact the seller.

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Yes, I designed the watch face myself. It seems that I have AOD. It differs from normal mode and I see it when my watch in idle mode (or after 20 seconds of showing digital clock, when an app or a notification is opened). There is an active button to toggle always-on state and an option to remove this state in Galaxy Watch Studio (2.0.0 beta) Maybe I need to check some settings or edit some flag in xml, because this watch was created two years ago and something could be obsolete.

If you designed it 2 years ago it may have been a low bit mode AOD. Tizen 3.x and newer allows High bit and more clarity.

Rebuild it for Tizen 4 OS with GWS. If GWS 2.0 beta isn’t installed wait a week or so for GWS 2.0.1 Beta release.

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It’s already rebuilt for Tizen 4 (Target Api Version: Tizen 4.0 and later). Also I’ve created watch face from example “Black_white” without any changes, AOD is enabled. The same issue.

I apologize I didn’t understand correctly. I have an Active2 updated to Tizen and a Galaxy Watch3 with Tizen OneUI Watch version 2.0

With Active2 when AOD kicks in it shows my watch face’s AOD whether it is on a watch face or on an app.
With Galaxy3 when AOD kicks in it shows my watch face’s AOD if my watch face is showing but when it is on an app the default AOD pops up.

However I did run this with a system installed watch face and got the same behavior. Watch face showing gets a watch face AOD app showing gets a blurred image and digital clock.

So it appears that there is nothing wrong with your watch face that you can fix. The software version is slightly different in the Galaxy Watch3. Again, my apology for not quite getting it the first time.

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In other words, the only thing I can do is to wait until this behavior will be fixed/changed in future updates of firmware or Galaxy Watch Studio?

It is not GWS because it behave the same for me when I load the preinstalled Basic Dashboard watch face.

I am not sure a software version update will fix it since my Active2 and Watch3 both have the same software version and OneUI version. It is the watch variant that is the only difference. So it might never be changed.

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Maybe I should record a video of the issue (stock WF vs my WF) and report a bug somewhere? I’m pretty sure that this behavior is wrong and could be fixed, it just needs to be shown to the right person.


Preinstalled watch faces are part of the core system software not sure they can change it but you can post at → Click on Explore Tab → Click on Community.

I think this may be a design feature but it wouldn’t hurt to report it if you don’t like it. :slight_smile:

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I almost agree with you, but there is an inconsistency in behavior of your GW3 and mine and it bothers me. I made a 2-minute video, where I show:

  1. A stock WF with blured AOD after 15 secs (“screen timeout”) and normal AOD after 20 secs (“show last app” timeout). No, as you called, “default AOD” was appeared, as you experienced on your GW3.
  2. Second stock WF, which behaves like the first one. I didn’t wait for normal AOD this time and have showed just blured AOD.
  3. My WF. Digital clock appeared after “screen timeout” and normal AOD showed after “show last app” timeout.

The video was recorded on firmware R840XXU1BTK1 (OneUI 2.0, Tizen After that I checked firmware update and installed one (R840XXU1BUB1, OneUI 2.0, Tizen, but the difference between stock WF and custom one is still here. As a programmer I find it weird and that’s the reason why I’m trying to find the truth and get rid of that annoying 20-second thing:-)

When I looked at your video I got the same behavior as you. I hadn’t tried any pre-installed analog and only one digital watch faces.

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Okay, I probably understand it wrong.

could someone tell me what app do you guys use to design your watch face? PLEASE:) thanks

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