Disable Samsung MultiView

Requesting the feature to disable Samsung MultiView automatically displaying when casting on AirPlay.

Specifically on my iPhone and Macbook, when utilising Screen Mirroring within iOS / MacOS, “Multi View Settings” is displayed.

In default mode, when a user engages the screen mirroring facility, the TV splits the screen, displaying the Screen Mirroring display on the right hand side, and the other HDMI source on the left (usually a cable / satellite set top box for example).

A user has to find the remote control and manually click onto the Screen Mirroring display, for it to be full screen, and to remove the other source displaying on the left half of the screen.

This is problematic:

  1. At home consumers have cable / satellite set top boxes which come with remotes (eg Comcast / Sky TV etc). These remotes facilitate TV power on and enable volume adjustment. The set top box includes all apps eg Netflix, YouTube etc. As such, a large portion of consumers do not use the Samsung remote.

Consumers have to search for the Samsung remote, simply to get the Screen Mirroring in full screen.

  1. The banners displayed by MultiView are intrusive, often displaying an orange banner at the bottom of the Screen Mirroring display, resulting in key screen real estate being blocked, a problem when screen mirroring to demonstrate an application for example, which has a waffle function at the bottom (covered by an orange multi view bar)

  2. In my office, and as a use case across businesses, users engage screen mirroring, however, in almost all meeting rooms the remote is missing and/or not left by IT. The result is we have the mirrored content on the right hand side, and the News (default setup when not casting via HDMI 1 in the office) playing on the left hand side throughout all presentations.

This is incredibly distracting and results in office workers watching the news, especially as subtitles are enabled, to aid the visually impaired who visit the office. Offices will not disable subtitles to prevent this, it’s not inclusive.

Overall this “feature” is problematic at home and work, all of my household find it frustrating. We returned the first unit to the store, assuming it was a fault, as within Settings - General - Smart Features - Autorun Multi View Casting was disabled.

The replacement is the same, and I now realise why I’m the office the news is always playing on the left hand side of screenshares!

The ability to simply cast via Screen Mirroring, with the mirrored display to fill the screen by default, without MultiView enabling, would be a great feature to prevent frustration. Note: A much smaller Samsung TV performs as I require out of the box. The larger Q85 55” has no ability to disable MultiView.

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