Dynamic Step Goal

Step Goal Functionality

The current state of WFS allows for a developer to set a set goal, however this step goal is not dynamic mic. This step goal is set manually by the developer and the user has no input on the actual goal. Meaning if the developer and the user have a different step goal, the watch face is rendered nearly useless, due to incorrect information:

  • Remove step goal functionality till fixed
  • Correct step goal tag to draw step goal from health app on watch (fit, health, etc…)

Thank you for your time and vote,
Michael Vander Ploeg
MVP IT Solutions

HI MIchael,

This is a high priority request but others should vote for this to add emphasis.

Some background
With GWS Samsung had access to Samsung Health private API and could use Samsung health step goal. Samsung Health in Wear OS powered by Samsung is part of the Wear OS Health Services. So I think the issue is having Samsung Health use the Wear OS Health Services Step Goal so it is available on all watches.

I hope this gets settled out as Samsung Health and Wear OS Health services mature.

Samsung Developer Relations