Email notification for new comments

When user adds new comment or question she/he expects to have quick response from the seller/app support team.

Related Menu or Feature:
Option in the seller configuration panel with email address for notifications.

Detail description of the Feature Request:

Buyer/user will be satisfied with fast response from the store, seller wont have to login to the portal and periodically check comments.

You’ve got to understand that the portal is for all apps, not just watch faces. Given that, I get upwards of 30 comments a day from all over the world for my themes. I actually spend at least 4 hours a week translating and responding to comments. I definitely don’t want notifications, although if it could be turned on/off I guess it would be ok (but I’d rather they spend their time making other improvements to the store).

We do not create watchfaces and do not receive overwhelming number of comments. This option could be OFF by default.

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Wouldn’t it be better if you could just respond to the notifications by email?

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I think it would be nice if you could set filters. For example, we would use this for sure if we could only receive notifications for paid content.

Email wouldn’t work for me. Right now I select all comments from, say, Russia, and respond to all of them at once, then move on to another country. Mostly generic responses saves me times.

Now if there was a translation feature that would be amazing. Right now I use a translation app that uses my phone camera to read the comments!

I advise you to use the “Google Translate” version for browsers if you are responding to a PC.

Sorry Alex, I should have clarified… I use my phone app to read the comments to see if I need to personalize any responses, then use Google on my laptop to actually do translated responses. :slight_smile: