Enable buy now - download later in Galaxy Store desktop experience

Provide the option for end users to purchase applications in Galaxy Store desktop experience (in a computer). Once they have purchased the app, they can just download the application in the device later.
This feature can generate more transactions as users can buy directly from their desktop without requiring to download the app in their device.

This feature would be great as it could allow iPhone users to buy Galaxy Watch Apps.


This will certainly be a great feature for porting to different devices …

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This is a great feature, gets involved more ways/devices by the same user.

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Even better option would be for the apps purchased on PC to automatically be pushed to device, without need to manually download them later.


its really a great feature, love this forum

At least i can now buy galaxy watch apps on my iphone


Great feature. This is also good

Help me please I didn’t understand this way please anyone can explain it to me :frowning: