Faster Way to get in Touch with Theme Tool Developers

The current solution with the premium theme support is not the best, it usually takes days to get a response that is usually unsatisfactory

Related Menu or Feature:
Faster Way to get in Touch with Theme Tool Developers. Like a Chat or WhatsApp Group.

Detail description of the Feature Request:
There should be a faster way to contact Theme Tool Developers. It would be advantageous if several designers could discuss errors in the theme tool with the developers at the same time.

Faster transmission of theme issue and solutions.

Not trying to be negative, however I’m sure the theme tool developers are well aware of the problems.

If I had to guess, they are using the agile development methodology, which means that a lot of errors are not fixed in time for the release, and they cram as much as they can. I’d much rather see them use the waterfall methodology to ensure all errors are fixed before a new release… we would see much better quality. My 2 cents…