Features that should be added in Samsung Music

Samsung Music doesn’t have the following features:

#1. Symbols to Split Multiple artists, Symbols to Split Multiple Genre, Split Multiple Composers
#2. Crossfade on play or pause
#3. Multiple track editing, able to edit .mp3, ma4, .flack etc file
#4. Pinching in album tab, track list tab, artist tab to make the list look in 2 grid, 3 grid 4 grid and in line .
#5. Sorting artist by Song numbers
#6.Add Artist image
#7. In Song tab, artist tab, album tab how many songs are there should be shown
#8. Having the ability to go to artist page by clicking on the artist name in now playing screen.
#9. Having the ability to go to album page by clicking on the artist name in now playing screen.
#10. Lyricist Tab should be included
#11. More sorting options should be added in every tab

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I would recommend you post at https://www.samsung.com → Click on Explore Tab → Click on Community. I believe they have a feedback system that allows your type of constructive requests.

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