File name

Is there a way to have the file name in WFS instead “image 1”, “hour1”,“image 3”… At least if i drag my mouse over it i should see the filename. Maybe i miss something ?

You can rename every component. If you select a component and right click on it, you will get the rename option.
See the attached image

If I misunderstand your question, please correct me.

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That is what i am talking, i have to remane each item all the time. I am not a pro, so if i swap, again i have to rename and rename. It would be nice if i can see filename when i drag my mouse over the image or description.

I am not sure how you do it, or what version do you use, but to me the component name equals the file name I pick for them. If you happen to pick image file called image14, the layer would have same name. If I pick image called DateFrame, its layer will have that name too.

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File → Preferences → Layer select File instead of Number

That won’t help for WFS provided components like Long Text complication but it will for watch hands and your own image files.


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Thanks! I very like this forum, it is full of info, tricks etc. It help me very much :smiley: