Find My Mobile - remotely wipe only installed apps data and cache

I would like to suggest adding the feature to remotely wipe only “installed apps” data and cache.

If you have your phone stolen, you want to be able to locate your phone AND make sure the thieves won’t be able to enter your apps.

With the current options on “Find My Mobile”, the user have to choose if they want to “Erase data” which will factory reset the phone and make them lose remote connection (the ability to track the phone). Or keep connected but have to manually login in to every app they have installed on their phone to disconnect and change passwords.

My idea is to be able to keep “remote access/tracking capability” and only erase data and cache of the installed apps. Maintaining (data and cache) from system apps. This way you can remotely track your phone for as long as possible, knowing that if the thieves get to bypassed your pin, they won’t get into any of your apps (specially banking apps).