Galaxy Store for wearOS

It’s been a month for me as a wearOS developer/designer and selling watchfaces on Playstore is a nightmare since then most probably is because of their REVIEW TEAM they reject watchface with such silly reasons, first it was HR and now Transparent Screenshots which I don’t even have any idea what does this line even means

"Your Wear OS screenshots include transparent backgrounds or masking."

If you file an appeal now keep waiting for 2 days and after two days they won’t explain where you are wrong and how to make it right with same robotic ans they will reply, I have worked with Apple store in past if they found any error in your screenshot they explain it what wrong you doing and how to make it right that way you do and they accept it, but here all is inverse Playstore is good but for Android Apps only not for wearOS specially watchfaces, So I request Samsung that allow developers to sell their work on Galaxy Store as well not just on Playstore. Thank you!

You can sell on the Galaxy store, just submit an application, and when approved you can sell.

I’ve asked and that is not in any plans this was a decision made for reasons that are very broad.

There is a topic on the discussion board that may help you get your content approved.

Convert your .png image to .jpg that is the issue with Transparency.

I will close this so no one can vote for it.

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