Galaxy store translator

In my local galaxy store (Slovak) I stumbled on some watch faces described only with Chinese glyphs/letters, which didn’t show before (faces used to be described English or Slovak).
I didn’t have a clue what they are about, or whether they have anything more to offer than look.
I was a bit surprised, since by the guide I was told: " If you sell your application in 2 or more countries, you must select English as the default language and enter the description in English."

Related Menu or Feature:
App descriptions in galaxy store

Detail description of the Feature Request:
Please make available an automated translator service for description pages of the galaxy store (or at least make possible selecting texts for copy), so that user can trigger the translation if needed (or copy it and paste it into external translator).

More likely somebody buys item, that is described in understandable language, than if its not.

I’m not sure it’s a good idea. In my experience, the quality of automated translations is not always good. (see aliexpress …). And if the translation is poor, it gives the user the impression that it is a poorly programmed app. I don’t think this is beneficial.

I admit, the automated translation is often bad. But sometimes it would be better than nothing.

I noticed those faces at the beginning of June and was confused as well. This was the response from Samsung…

Graphics can be in any language there is no restriction on those as far as I know.  I think you can even have them in China but not sure on that.  All the “text” has to be in Simple Chinese for China for every other country it can be either local or English.

You must have seller info and product description in English if it is for more than one country and that did have that.