Galaxy Watch 4 - auto detect cycling

This feature linked to Samsung Health was on GW1 to GW3. It disappeared on GW4.

There are limited activities icons. For the home only 3 favorites are allowed. Tap on the menu go all the way to the end tap the + icon and select add on phone. On the phone app, tap on the start to remove one and add cycling as a favorite. The only way I found to rearrange them in the health app was to remove something and add it back it went to the bottom of the Favorites.

Because this is an end user question it will be removed soon.

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Thanks for your answer. You did not understand my feature request.

From GW1 to GW3 watches were able to auto detect cycling without manually starting it.

It disappeared on Galaxy Watch 4.

See those links:

This is not an end user question…

I’m a walker not a cycler so I hadn’t noticed that Auto detect was not available for cyclist, that is unusual. However, this is something that needs to be requested via the community. This forum is for developers not development teams.

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I see the Samsung Support note Use automatic workout detection on your Samsung smart watch
it is not possible in WearOS so they are aware of it.

An end user question or comment has to do with a product. This forum is for 3rd party developers.

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